About PT. Japindo Clean Energy Development

PT. Japindo Clean Energy Development is Indonesian foreign investment company in alternative energy crop specially in Jatropha Plantation business and other non-food energy plant, established in April 2008.

Company had started operation four years ago, headquarters is in Jakarta area. First production area develop in East Kalimantan and Banten Province, Java Island. In 2010, Japindo has expanded production area in Lampung (South Sumatera), Sumbawa (West Nusa Tenggara), Gunung kidul (Yogyakarta), and area around East Java. Company role business is producing Jatropha BioDiesel from Crude Jatropha Oil and bio-briquette from Jatropha seed cake.

Privacy Policy

PT. Jedo indonesia provides the policy concerning the handling etc. of information appropriately to protect and to manage all information (corporate name, group name, personal name, address, telephone, fax number, mail address, and content etc. of the inquiry) offered by the customer through this site as follows:

  1. Protection of information and management
    Our company tries to protect and to manage according to the rule that the law, the guideline, and our company with which information offered by the telephone, the fax, E-mail or mail, etc. by the customer relates originally provide.
  2. Handling of information
    It uses, it offers to the third party in the usage (business and sales, etc. of another quotient material) related to at all or information offered by the customer will not indicate the content of the description of this site.
  3. Use of information
    When it is necessary to use information offered from the customer by some reasons, our company assumes the one done after the purpose of use is specified for the customer, and it wins consent without fail.